Ford STEAM Lab is a blended learning digital curriculum, which takes students through a four-part “Hackathon” style process of exposing them to careers in STEM and Tech Entrepreneurship. Students who complete all modules will utilize design thinking principles, develop introductory coding skills and work force ready skills to complete a mobile APP prototype, develop a high level business plan, and pitch and present their ideas. Ford STEAM Lab helps to feed and diversify the STEM pipeline and measuring students’ long-term interest in careers in STEM.


Ford Fund invests more than $10 million annually in ongoing global educational programs and scholarships. Henry Ford’s passion for education led him to start dozens of schools and why education remains a cornerstone of the Ford Fund. We work with communities around the world to empower students through innovative programs. These include the Ford College Community Challenge, aglobal grant competition that provides funding for sustainable student-led programs, and Ford Community Corps, a college partnership that matches student career interests with community needs.


Ford Blue Oval Scholarships allow students to access higher education and prepare for future success, and the Ford Driving Dreams Tour, promotes on-time high school graduation and college enrollment among Latino youth. We stay connected with our scholarship winners through the Ford Blue Oval Network – an elite, innovative web-based community of thousands of students involved in Ford-sponsored programs around the globe.